Shop Local. Eat Local. Stay Safe.

GWA businesses agree to the following to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and help businesses stay open in Austin.

  1. Websites and reservation sites will include notices that guests cannot enter the establishment if they are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19. We will deny service to guests who do not follow our clearly stated guidelines.
  2. Employees will be counseled on appropriate behavior at and away from work by a medical professional and complete a health declaration to make sure that they are not putting our community at risk.
  3. Staff temperatures must be taken daily. Anyone with a 99.6º or higher temperature will be sent home.
  4. Staff who have experienced COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home and must fulfill one of the following options: 1) receive a note from a doctor allowing them to return to work; 2) receive a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test; 3) complete a 10 day self-quarantine.
  5. If an employee tests positive for Covid-19, we will require staff who were in close contact (within 6 ft for more than 15 mins) with the + employee to quarantine for 7 days and obtain a negative PCR test.
  6. Restaurant members will include a  Wellness Charge to provide our employees with access to health care and paid sick leave.
  7. If dine-in service or other unmasked customers are accommodated, all such guest will provide their names and complete a Health Declaration
  8. All staff must wear masks while in the establishment. Guests must wear masks unless specifically excepted for active dining or receiving other services that require them to be unmasked.
  9. Hand washing will be enforced every 30 minutes for all staff.
  10. Staff will have no intentional physical contact and will constantly be aware of the necessity of social distancing.
  11. We will dedicate certain employees to service guests and/or divide spaces and redefine roles to further separate employees and guests.
  12. Menus or similar information items will be on display, online, single-use or be sanitized after each use.
  13. Hand Sanitation stations will be placed at the entrance & exit of the establishment and outside the restrooms.
  14. We are committed to ensuring proper ventilation of our indoor spaces by cleaning & changing MERV 13 filters monthly.  Preventive maintenance for HVAC system will be performed quarterly.  All measures to increase air flow will be taken.
  15. Adopt all elements of the original Open Texas Minimum Standard Health Protocols for facility, employees, and guests.

Over the course of the last several weeks, GWA has endeavored to come up with comprehensive reopening protocols that are clear and actionable. More vigilant than those suggested by the State, these measures have been assembled for their ability to provide the most peace of mind and protection possible for our staff, guests, and community. 

All restaurants wishing to partner with GWA are asked to fully adopt these 15 protocols. Through the repeated implementation of all of these protocols across many restaurants, GWA will help guests observe them and understand their role in keeping our businesses open and our community healthy.

Thank You

Stay safe, stay sane, stay focused on what matters.