Hello, Austin.

Good Work Austin (GWA) is creating a supportive environment for employers who want to do the right thing for their workers, the economy, and the environment. We’ve established our “Shop and Dine With Confidence” agreement to keep staff and guests safe. We provide small businesses with access to low-cost health care and counseling options for their staff and a community of business owners to share resources and support.

What We're Doing Now


Creating a network of small businesses to help each other answer questions and solve problems. 


Building a  Community Kitchen to  get you and your employees back to work through city funding and philanthropy and address Austin’s food insecurity. 


Promoting our Re-Opening Agreement to establishments across Central TX.


Advocating at the local & state level for the policies that will help us survive and recover the impact of COVID-19.


Providing access to subsidized mental health counseling  and  to a direct primary care clinic.


Developing a roadmap to achieve greater diversity, equity & justice. 

GWA's Mission

Healthy Employees

Your people are the foundation of your thriving business.  With trainings, advocacy & partnerships with some of Austin’s best non-profits, GWA will help your business implement sick leave, a living wage guarantee, affordable access to health care, counseling & wellness benefits.

Healthy Workplace

GWA believes workplaces should be inclusive, equitable, diverse & safe. GWA will offer sexual harrassment training, financial literacy courses for your employees, open books management courses for you.  Online and in-person options to create the positive workplace cultures that make Austin stand out.

Healthy Community

We all live here and work here.  We need to know what’s going on, what affects us, how we can be best connected.  GWA has access to the best volunteer opportunities, apprentice & internship sources, legislative updates with state reps & city council members to keep you ahead of all the curves.

GWA Community Kitchen

All donations to the UFB fund are tax deductible. Please provide your email address for a receipt.

GWA is securing funding from the City of Austin and philanthropy, to pay GWA restaurants to provide nutritious meals for food insecure communities through our Community Kitchen program. 

Participating GWA members are 100% locally owned, guarantee that all their workers are being paid at least $15/hr and offer paid leave. 

Get in Touch

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for here or through our resources please get in touch.  We’ll do all we can to get you in front of the people who can help. 

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund

Over 125,000 applications from out of work service industry workers who were making $9.10/hr on avg before Covid-19 forced them out of their jobs.

OFW has raised $15 million to send out checks after carefully screening applicants and prioritizing the neediest.  Please support & share.

Thank You

Stay safe, stay sane, stay focused on what matters.

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